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About Cima Coppi

Cima Coppi Custom was started by a Canadian and a Spaniard in 2008 in Vancouver’s Little Italy in Canada. Back then, the pair traded bottles of wine for wool and a few trade secrets from Angelo and Renzo – two of the finest Italian tailors on ‘the Drive’. Mostly though, the visits were simply motivated by a fondness to hear craftsmen talk about their trade and share first-hand stories about Coppi and Bartali. It was Renzo Montagliani, a tailor for 53 years, who proposed the name Cima Coppi.

In the latin languages the word ‘Cima’ means ‘peak’. And Coppi, is for Fausto - who was perhaps the greatest war-era racer. Today, the Cima Coppi highlights the highest mountain pass in the Giro d’Italia. Mostly, said Renzo, it is a symbol for passion, individualism and the pursuit of excellence. “You’ve got to be good to be first up the Cima Coppi.”

Today, Cima Coppi Custom is based in Oviedo, Spain. A made-to-measure, custom clothier for cyclists and athletes with products focused on natural and traditional performance materials. Fundamental to our ethos is the evolution of the master tailor; the owner, designer, maker and end-user. Our inspiration is the intrepid adventuring of yesteryear; 100+ years of wool-clad cycling heroes surviving the cobbles, conquering mountain passes and exploring the unknown.