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Knee Warmers

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Knee Warmers
Knee Warmers
Knee Warmers Knee Warmers
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These are only available at a discounted rate with a Randonneurs Canada jersey purchase and will only ship along with a Randonneurs Canada jersey. If you have already ordered a Randonneurs Canada jersey as part of the group order, you can purchase this and they will ship with your order when ready.

Wool knee warmers fit perfectly under your shorts and cover from mid-thigh to mid-calf to keep legs and knees warm during spring, fall and winter riding. Made with silicon grippers at the top to keep them in place. Made with only one rear seam for comfort and features our logo embroidered on the rear left calf.

Fabric Weight Medium weight. 285 gsm.
Fabric Origin 100% European merino wool.
Thread Hilo de calidad premium fabricado en Alemania por Gütermann.
Other Silicon elastic gripper. Made in USA.

Cima Coppi wool warmers extend temperature range and add versatility to short sleeve jerseys and shorts. Easily stored in the jersey pockets, warmers are quickly on and off as elevation and temperature changes dictate. Our warmers are best fit tight, and due to the abundant stretch of our knit wool, few sizes cover a large range. Warmers are held in place with elastic silicon gripper.

MEASURES (For best fit, all measures are customizable by request):
  • A. Arm - Bicep - Measure the circumference at the top of the bicep with a relaxed, hanging arm.
  • B. Arm - Wrist - Measure the circumference of the wrist.
  • C. Leg - Thigh - Measure the circumference of the thigh at the fullest point.
  • D. Leg - Calf - Measure around the calf slightly lower than the fullest point.
  • E. Length - Measure the length between the two points adding 5% for flex.
Leg Warmers
  X-small Small Medium Large
C 46 / 18” 50 / 19.5” 54 / 21” 58 / 23”
D 32 / 12.5” 35 / 14” 38 / 15” 41 / 16”
E 46 / 18” 48 / 19” 50 / 20” 52 / 21”

Hand wash in cold water with minimal wool-safe soap. Squeeze out as much water as possible without wringing the garment. Lay flat to dry in a warm, dry place (preferred), or gently drape the garment from the center over a clothesline in the sun. Do NOT put it in the dryer. Note: Harsh sunlight will fade some colours over time as is common.

Refreshing your garment: Wool garments don't need to be washed after every single use because the wool's lanolin is bacteria resistant. Less washing is the most effective way to reduce associated environmental impacts of our clothing. Instead, hang your jersey in the gentle evening sun after your ride or refresh it after wearing by hanging it in a steamy bathroom. It will be surprisingly odour-free and ready for your next ride.