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Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey

Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey
Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey
Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey Randonneurs Finland Custom Jersey
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We design, cut and sew our traditional, mid-weight jerseys of 100% European Merino Wool, with the entirety of the production taking place in our studio in Oviedo, Northern Spain. Our mid-weight jersey for Randonneurs Finland features custom embroidery, raglan sleeves and a tailored fit with three seam-anchored pockets.

Much like the classic wool jerseys of yesteryear, these are minimalist jerseys which function in a wide range of temperatures, from cool to warm, and do not retain odor. However, unlike those jerseys, we use only the highest-grade wools with no blends, providing superior performance, comfort and function to provide you with a garment of unparalleled versatility.

These jerseys ship from Oviedo, Northern Spain, where the entirety of their production takes place. Price includes shipping to Helsinki, as part of the entire Randonneurs Finland order. If you want your jersey shipped individually to a different location, please, select the corresponding option.

Please, check our sizing chart before ordering and don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions. We can't accept returns on custom orders

Our classic wool jerseys are cut to be more fitted than a club cut, but less aggressive than an Italian race fit. These jerseys are also cut longer than a true race fit to accomodate those who want to size down in order to achieve a true race fit. The knit wool has a very accomodating and resilient stretch and the jerseys will tighten slightly in circumference after the first hand wash.

  • Measures :
    • Chest: Measure your chest first, across the nipples, under the arms and level around the back.
    • Front: From the suprasternal notch between the collar bones down the front to the bottom hem.
    • Hips: At the hip bend. True race fit ends here, but our jersey standard is cut a little longer.
    • Back: From C7, down the back to the bottom hem. Fr/Bk length measures exclude the collar height.
Traditional Sizing Men
  XS Small Medium Large XL XXL
Chest 89 / 35" 94 / 37" 99 / 39” 104 / 41” 111 / 44” 117 / 46”
Front 53 / 21” 56 / 22” 59 / 23” 61 / 24” 64 / 25” 66 / 26”
Hips 81 / 32” 86 / 34” 91 / 36” 96 / 38” 101 / 40” 106 / 42”
Back 63 / 25” 66 / 26” 69 / 27” 71 / 28” 74 / 29” 76 / 30”

Hand wash in cold water with minimal wool-safe soap. Squeeze out as much water as possible without wringing the garment. Lay flat to dry in a warm, dry place (preferred), or gently drape the garment from the center over a clothesline in the sun. Do NOT put it in the dryer. Note: Harsh sunlight will fade some colours over time as is common.

Refreshing your garment: Wool garments don't need to be washed after every single use because the wool's lanolin is bacteria resistant. Less washing is the most effective way to reduce associated environmental impacts of our clothing. Instead, hang your jersey in the gentle evening sun after your ride or refresh it after wearing by hanging it in a steamy bathroom. It will be surprisingly odour-free and ready for your next ride.