Like so many others, we could sit here and claim we were the first, or that we’re the world leader in sustainable cyclewear, but we’re not interested in all that. Too often it’s more about ‘putting a badge on it’ than it is about getting it done, doing it right and doing it well. Since we began in 2008, how we've always seen it is that cycling is good for you and it’s good for the planet. Simple. So our view is that our cycling products and accessories shouldn’t undo all that good and they shouldn’t be made from petroleum-based plastics and harmful chemicals, because those aren’t good for you, nor the planet. Full stop.


This journey is our progression from how sustainable we are today to an improved point tomorrow. Today, we make your dream kit, to-order, in-house at small-scale, instead of generic, race-to-the-bottom products. We use natural performance textiles, with non-toxic or natural dyes, to avoid petroleum as the base of our products. Our textiles are biodegradable, to avoid microplastic buildup in water sources which is a result of washing synthetic clothing. We build durable garments, from heirloom materials, to prolong use and reduce the consumption cycle. And, not only are we building durable products we’re also building durable processes to ensure this remains the core of how we do business. Do we make a 100% sustainable jersey? No (nobody does yet). So, we can’t claim any badges, but we’re closer everyday because this is the journey we’re committed to.

Our Sustainability Commitment