> What are your minimums (MOQ)?
There are no minimums. You can customize and purchase just one garment and ideally you choose stock patterns and processes, stock colors and finishings. Understandably, if you desire custom drafted patterns, non-stock finishings and merino dyed to a specific pantone colors we can only do that economically if you order a larger, set number of pieces. In theory, that can still be just 1 piece, but that'll cost ya. Another case of less (garments) is more (cost). Garments are discounted by volume.
> What are your volume discounts?
Bulk discounts for stock orders and stock customization are, in general*, at 6, 13, 26, 51, 101, 251+ pieces. *this is true 99% of the time.
> Can I order wool custom dyed to a specific pantone color?
We can dye to pantone in the 185gsm lightweight merino, with a minimum order of approx. 40 garments per custom color. We cannot custom dye the 285gsm midweight at the moment. However, we can offer the midweight in 45 colors,  of which we stock 18. Non-stock 285gsm colors will also have a MOQ of approx. 40 pieces per color.
> Why can’t you give me an immediate quote without seeing a design?
Simply because we have no idea how much time or work your mystery item will involve. We're uniquely able to build you a never-before-seen-or-made garment so we can't quote a price for an item that we haven't seen or maybe isn't possible. The more upfront information you can provide the more accurate estimation we can return. We don't guarantee a final price per piece until we've made a sample and it's been approved.
> Can you print (sublimate) my graphics on my jersey instead of embroidery
No. Sublimation is a printing process that only works on polyester fabrics and is responsible for some of the worst looking jerseys in cycling history. See: Castorama circa 1994 or the Amore&Vita sponsor chaos. Embroidery is always class and so, we embroider. When designing for embroidery simple text or iconic logos work best, less is more.
> Do you make your garments in ‘lycra’ or polyester (ie. synthetic) textiles?
No, we don't. We don't have any synthetic textiles in the studio, we're not set-up to do synthetics and it's just not our bag. Our garments are petroleum-free, biodegradable, environmentally friendly products. We don't want to stress about our jersey becoming micro-plastic in rain water or in the belly of a fish in the ocean.
> What’s the difference between chainstitch and standard embroidery?
Chainstitch, also called Chenille, is embroidery characterized by a thick, looping, voluminous texture often seen on ‘vintage’ garments. It’s great for vintage jerseys, large embroidery elements and has good elasticity. Standard embroidery, often called “satin stitch” is flatter, dense embroidery which excels when doing small details, text or fine elements and logo work. Standard embroidery can do it all, and has low set-up costs, but with very large text it can be a stiff, non-elastic portion of the jersey which can be less ideal, especially on the lightweight jerseys. We'll make recommendations which match your design/goals to any mfg considerations.
> I’m a little confused about the patterns. Do I have to use a specific pattern? Can I make changes? Add stripes?
Patterns describe garment fit, sleeve type and seams and are often designed for a specific textile. Yes, we can change them. We make base patterns that satisfy 98% of customer requests, and they'll likely work for you. The various items in our store are built on those base patterns. In general, we can add to or slightly modify the fit or features of pattern with little to no added cost. However, significant modifications will incur additional costs. Completely new custom patterns start at 250€.
> What the heck is a Raglan?
It’s a sleeve construction characterized by a single piece of sleeve textile that curves up from the ‘sleeve hole’ and attaches at the collar while having no seam on the top of the shoulder and leaving a diagonal or curved seam line from the underarm up to the collar. Google it! We also have patterns that feature the more common ‘set-in’ sleeve, with a traditional arm hole and seam at the shoulder.
> Can you make patches or sew patches onto the jerseys?
Yes, of course. Patches are normally made with standard (“satin stitch”) embroidery, so it may be more efficient if we just embroider the jersey directly. However, if the volume of pieces is enough, or you have patches already made, or you just want them, we can sew them on, or make them for you and sew them on.
> Can you make jerseys for our brand?
While our focus is direct-to-customer, we can make garments for resellers on a case-by-case basis. We've previously made garments for The Service Course, Kona Bicycles, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Brompton Bicycles, Magura and many shops, cafes and startups. It depends on the garment and the goals. It never hurts to ask!
> Do you white label? Can we remove your tags or change them to our tags?
Short answer, NO. Definitely NO. Long answer is that EU law requires that the garment lists manufacturer and garment information (country of origin, basic business and tax information and care) and those tags cannot be removed by anyone but the end-consumer. Maybe we can collab on a tag design, and we’ll sew those in if they work.